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With 30 years of experience in the nickel, gold, silver, copper plating of heat sink materials, the reliability and efficiency are fully guaranteed.

Oxygen-free copper, CPC, CMC materials do not require electroplating. W-Cu and Mo-Cu materials require electroplating.

We take MoCu as an example:

We have three main types of electroplating: Ni, Ni-Ag, Ni-Cu. We treat the surface of MoCu products, then proceed with the Ni-plating, and bake them in a protective atmosphere. After baking & inspection of the nickel-plated products, then the Ni-Ag or Ni-Cu plating, and then baked. The purpose of baking is to allow nickel and MoCu to diffuse slightly and enhance the adhesion; at the same time, to check whether the coating is qualified and whether there are bubbles or delamination defects.

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