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The new Heatsink Gpu Vram from HEATSINK New Material Technology Co., Ltd. presents an innovative and effective solution for cooling the video memory (VRAM) of your graphics card, This product has been specially developed to handle the significant load of the graphics memory, ensuring optimal working conditions and preventing possible overheating. Made with high-quality new generation materials specially designed for heat conduction, the Heatsink Gpu Vram offers better thermal stability and ensures a long life for your video memory. Equipped with special air circulation holes, this new product provides effective heat dissipation , thus improving the overall performance of your graphics card. Heatsink Gpu Vram is compatible with all standard models of video memory and installs easily and safely, Carefully designed and quality made, Heatsink Gpu Vram is the necessary addition to any gaming or professional graphics system, which will improve its performance and protect it from harmful effects at high temperatures

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