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Cu/MoCu/Cu (CPC) is a sandwiched composite similar to Cu/Mo/Cu comprising a Mo70-Cu alloy core layer, usually Mo70Cu but other combinations such as Mo50Cu is possible, and two copper clad layers. It has different CTEs in the X and Y direction. Its thermal conductivity is higher than those of W/Cu, Mo/Cu, Cu/Mo/Cu.

The CPC layer thickness ratio can also be adjusted to obtain different coefficients of thermal expansion. The CTE of CMC in the X and Y directions is the same, but the that of CPC is adjustable, due to the adjustable deformation of molybdenum particles in the core layer of molybdenum copper. All CPC sheets can be stamped.

Our CPC process has cost-efficiency and top quality. Our products are widely used in applications such as optoelectronics packages, microwave packages, laser sub mounts, etc.


    1. It has a higher thermal conductivity than copper/molybdenum/copper materials.
    2. It can be stamped into parts to reduce the cost.
    3. It has strong interfacial bonding, that can withstand repeated impacts at 850℃.
    4. It has a designable coefficient of thermal expansion, compatible with semiconductors and ceramics.
    5. It is non-magnetic.


    1. Thermal mounting plates
    2. Chip carriers for microwave components
    3. Flanges and frames for RF and laser diode packages, LED packages,
    4. BGA packages and GaAs device mounts etc.